Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fried Pork Chop with Curry Rice

Deep Fried Pork Chops;
- Boneless pork chops(get rid of fat, pound the meat).
- Garlic pepper powder.
- Salt.
- 1 egg.
-2 tablespoons milk.
- 2 tablespoons water.
- flour, breadcrumbs, oil for deep frying.
Method :
1. Dust pork chops with garlic pepper powder and salt, set aside for 30 munites..
2.Mix egg, milk and water in a mixing bowl, lightly stir to mix. by one, dip meat in flour, next coat meat in egg mixture, then transfer to breadcrumbs
    and coat thoroughly.
4.Deep fry breaded meat until golden brown on both side.Drain on paper towels.
Carrot and potato curry :
- 1 small carrot, cubed.
- 1 potato, cubed.
-1 onion, cubed.
- 1 tomato, cubed.
- 2 tablespoons curry powder,
-1 tablespoon light soy sauce.
-3/4 tbps salt to taste.
-1/2 tsp chicken stock powder.
-3 tbps cooking oil.
-2-3 cup water.
-Few drop of tapioca water/cornstarch flour water.
1.Heat oil in a wok, saute onion till aroma.
2.Add in carrot and potato, and add in curry powder stir to combine well.
3.Add in water, cook to boil and simmer till carrot and potato turned soft.
4.Add in tomato, cook for few minutes.
5.Last thicken the curry by adding few spoon of tapioca flour water.
SERVE WITH COOKED RICE, CUCUMBER to garnish, tomato to garnish.

recipe source by: Nasi Lemak Lover.o

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